Information for Employers

Build the skills and capabilities of your female staff with a nationally accredited Diploma qualification that is equivalent to the first year of a Monash University degree.

Government Funding

Eligible employers will receive $10,000 per employee in Federal Government funding that can be used to cover tuition fees or offset the cost of employee study hours. If you use all the funding for tuition fees, there will be no additional tuition costs for you or your employee.

If you do not use the funding for tuition fees, employees will need to pay for the cost of their Diploma: see Women in STEM Fees.

*employers receive $10,000 per employee in Federal Government funding in four instalments over two years provided employees meet the course requirements

Course information

Courses Available
Course Delivery and Structure

A mix of face-to-face and online learning for five to seven hours per week, plus assessments and private study. For a detailed breakdown of units and timing, please see: Women in STEM course structure.

  • Must be a body corporate
  • Demonstrate commitment to participate via a letter of commitment, emails of support or a plan for industry engagement
  • Agree to working arrangements that support participation in the program
  • Agree to release participating employees for study purposes over the duration of the course
  • Enter into a deed of agreement with the Commonwealth
  • Report on performance twice annually
Course Dates

The Diploma consists of eight units, which are studied part-time over two years (four units per year)*. Start dates are:

  • October 2021
  • February 2022
  • June 2022

*Students may need to complete an additional unit if they do not meet the higher-level mathematics prerequisite requirements for their Diploma (or specialisation).

What You Have To Do

If you are sponsoring an employee to complete a Diploma under the Women in STEM program, you need to:

  • give them time off work for part-time study (five to seven hours per week)
  • enter into a Deed of Agreement with the Department of Education and Training
  • provide the Department with Progress Reports twice per year to receive payment of the grants.

Why Monash College?

With Monash College, your employees are in experienced hands. For more than 25 years, we’ve been developing and delivering innovative and quality education programs. We manage 11,000 enrolments each year and work with 2,000 industry partners to deliver work placements.

We’re wholly owned by Monash University and our education experts will give your employees a unique and engaging learning experience. We’ve designed our classes so only fellow Women in STEM participants will be studying alongside your staff. This creates a space where they’ll feel supported and comfortable, particularly if they have been out of the classroom for a while.

Your employees will also be supported by our student services division, counselling team and career coaches. They’ll have everything they need at every step of the journey to make their study experience a success, and build your internal STEM capability.


How to Apply:
  1. Click the Apply Now button.
  2. Sign up and follow the prompts
  3. At Step 5.
    1. Tick 'Yes, I have applied for or will be receiving a sponsorship/scholarship'
    2. Put "Women in STEM" in the Name of the sponsorship/scholarship field
    3. Enter 'organisation name" in the sponsorship/scholarship organisation
Please ensure you have these documents ready to upload. You will need them to complete the application process:
  • Proof of identity - passport or driver license
  • Your resume
  • Evidence of prior learning - transcript of your academic qualification including units studied