Q&A with Roshan, Outstanding Intern Award Recipient

We spoke to Roshan about his time at Monash College Professional Year and the experience he gained from his work placement at Alfred Health, here is what he had to say:

Q. 1| Why did you join Monash Professional Year? What did you enjoy about the program?

The Monash name is well known around the world and studying at the College gave me the opportunity to reach my goals and focus on my studies.

I enjoyed the Monash PY program as the lecturers are really experienced and the College environment is great for studying. It was easy to stay motivated learning in such high-quality facilities – it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Q.2| Where did you undertake your internship and what work did you do?

I have undertaken an internship at Alfred Health in the Finance department, as a Billing Administrator. As my first role in Australia, it’s been great to learn the different accounting systems and understand how revenue is generated in an organisation.

Q.3| How do you think Monash College and its staff helped you on your career journey?

Monash College has helped me become a more confident person. The lectures provided really good advice and knowledge on how to navigate and become successful in an Australian working culture.

The placement team chose a great internship opportunity, and they worked with the host company to structure and plan my time there so I could develop as effectively as possible.

Q.4| What are you doing now you have finished your Professional Year?

Once I finished my internship, I was offered casual employment by my host company and from January 2021, they offered me a full-time position as a Billing Administrator.

Q.5| What qualities did you learn or develop at Monash College that helped you to receive the Outstanding Intern award?

Monash helped me to get out of my comfort zone and build my confidence, and gave me an understanding of an office environment. While I undertook my internship, I always asked questions if I didn’t understand something, and I was able to bring simpler processes into place without further cost. As a result, my manager put me forward for the award and I was lucky enough to receive it.

I’m really grateful to Monash College for how they’ve helped me to secure full-time work in Australia, and equip me with the skill set needed to perform effectively in the workplace.