Engineering Eligibility and Application Information

Before you start

To be eligible for the Professional Year Engineering program, you must have:

  • Obtained or applied for a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa* with at least 12 months left on the visa from commencement of the Professional Year Program
  • An academic transcript and completion letter of an Engineering degree from an Australian or recognised overseas institution (minimum 2 years duration)
  • An engineering related Australian qualification completed in the past two years if you are holding an overseas engineering qualification that is over four years old
  • A Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) outcome letter or receipt from Engineers Australia. If the MSA outcome is unsuccessful, EEA will provide a pro-rata refund based on the number of classes attended, less a $350 administration fee. Please check EEA's application form T&C for further detail.
  • English Test results from one of the below testing centres.
English TestOverallListeningReadingWritingSpeaking
IELTS6.0No band less than 5.0No band less than 5.0No band less than 5.0No band less than 5.0
PTE - A50No score below 36No score below 36No score below 36No score below 36
TOEFL - iBT64441414

*Offshore university graduates holding 476 visa may be eligible to complete the Professional Year in Engineering

Applications for the Professional Year Engineering are made to Engineering Education Australia.

Application process is as following (effective from 1st June 2021):

  • Step 1. Submit your application online via EEA’s website ( & save a copy of the application as a PDF document to be sent to
    • Applicants will be required to pay a $350 administration via credit card in order to submit their application. Credit card is the only accepted payment method for this fee, the application will not be successfully submitted unless payment is made at the time of application
  • Step 2. Email your saved application along with your supporting documents (Passport, Visa, Transcript, PTE / IELTS result) to
  • Step 3. Receive an email invitation to complete a virtual pre-screening interview with Monash Professional Pathways.
  • Step 4. Once your application is approved, you will receive an acknowledgement letter from EEA.
  • Step 5. You will also be issued with an offer letter with class confirmation from Monash Professional Pathways
  • Step 6 You will then have to make a payment (upon receipt of an invoice from EEA) and send the payment confirmation to both EEA and Monash Professional Pathways.
  • Step 7. Once payment  is confirmed, you will be issued with a Confirmation of enrolment ( COE) along with the orientation schedule.

Please note that EEA's last date to approve an application is ONE WEEK prior to the intake date, so we encourage you to submit your application at least 2 weeks prior to the intake.

Refer to the Professional Year Calendar and Fees page for details of class options.

Please note that laptops are not provided for this course, so please bring your own device.

Contact us on 03 9903 8788 if you have any questions

Other information re EEA's new process change effective from 1st June 2021

New process re enquiring EEA about transfer, deferral and withdrawal (effective from 1st June 2021):

  • Transfer, deferral and withdrawal enquiries will also need to be submitted online via EEA website.
  • Students must go to, scroll down the bottom to “Got a question”, then click “Get in touch” and fill in the relevant details requesting a transfer, deferral or withdrawal. Please note this will now be a two-form process, we will send through the request form in the next step.
  • Transfer / deferral request fees ($150) will also be required to be paid via credit card at the time of submission in order to successfully submit the request.

New process re forced withdrawal (effective from 1st June 2021):

  • Forced withdrawals (where the decision to withdraw the student has been made by the provider or EEA, not the student) and internship cohort updates will continue to be processed via email.

New process re request to enrol different intake (effective from 1st June 2021):

  • In the case of students who request to enrol in a different intake to that on the Application Acknowledgement Letter (ie. Cohort Update) within 2 days of the notice being issued by EEA, these requests must be sent as an enquiry via our website (, scroll down the bottom to “Got a question”, then click “Get in touch”, several fillable fields will pop up where an enquiry can be submitted.
  • Students must fill in the relevant transfer details under ‘Comments’ including current allocated intake and new requested intake, this will generate a case for EEA to assess.
  • Transfer / deferral request fees ($150) will also be required to be paid via credit card at the time of submission in order to successfully submit the request.
  • If the request is within 5 days, students will still have to pay the $150 transfer request fee, there is no flexibility here due to the administrative work involved in assessing & processing the application, generating & issuing the invoice.

Contact us on 03 9903 8788 if you have any questions.


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