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Cafe worker

“I’ve only worked in a restaurant, how do I find an office job?”

Friends often came to me saying “I’ve only worked in a restaurant, how will I demonstrate in my resume that I am qualified to do an accounting job?”. This is just one of the many questions that international students are seeking answers to.

Can't find a job? It's time for a social media check up!

Business person using social media

You have worked on your CV and cover letter for hours and you’ve been networking like crazy. That’s fantastic! What about your online presence? What happens when recruiters Google your name and look at your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare? Have you ever thought about it?

Jobs for Professional Year Graduates

The Monash Talent employment service is now available to graduates of the Monash Professional Year Program. With great jobs available, Monash Talent can help you make a seamless transition into professional work.

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